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One of the few working private cheats for the game Battlefield 5. Many people know about the "Success" of the game at its beginning, when it took the "Golden Raspberry" for the worst first impression in the history of the industry. However, subsequently the shooter was able to interest tens of thousands of players who are online every day. The developers of Soft HUB private cheats paid attention to this game, delved into its mechanics and created a quality product that will give a significant advantage over the enemy. The software has built in all the necessary functions that will help you dominate and win. A large number of ESP highlights that will display the exact location of enemies, loot, vehicles. You can even see the number of players who are watching you. Naturally, it could not do without an aim bot, which will point the weapon at the selected part of the body of the enemy. Easy to set up and adjust. Additionally, it is possible to disable recoil when shooting. And to make it even easier to navigate, turn on the radar. It will display the location of rivals in the area.

You can optimize the cheat for your style and freely take top places in the Battlefield 5 game.

System requirements of the Soft HUB private cheat for Battlefield 5

Works on Windows 10 (2004-22H2 build) and 11.

Processors: Intel.

Video card: Nvidia.

For the cheat to work, you need a flash drive, or use the virtual analogue of OSFMount.

The program is superimposed on top of the game client, which makes it possible to stream with a cheat and bypass OBS.

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Soft HUB private cheat functionality for Battlefield 5



Skeleton | Display enemy skeletons.

name | Display the distance to the enemy and the Name.

Health | Displays the health of opponents.

Snaplines | Draw lines to the enemy.


Vehicles Box | Circle the transport in a square.

Vehicle Names | Display the name of the vehicle.

Vehicle Health | Display the amount of vehicle health.

Vehicle Snaplines | Showing lines to transport.

Vehicles Dir | Displays the beam where the vehicle is looking.



Spectators Warning | Shows the players who are watching you.


crosshair | Draws the sight of the cheat.


No Recoil - Always fire without recoil.



Show Radar | Button to turn the radar on or off.

Radar Size | The slider changes the size of the radar to your liking.

Radar Opacity | Ability to adjust the transparency of the radar.

Radar Scale | Changes in the display of the distance of points on the radar.

Distance | Turns on the distance to the enemy on the radar.

move | Enables the ability to move the radar around the screen with the mouse.


players | Enables the display of enemies on the radar.

Vehicles | Turns on the display of vehicles on the radar.


AimBot | Makes the aimbot antiquated, taking into account ballistics

Aim Type | Tim aimbot.

vector | Vector aim works in FOV radius.

Silent Aim | Without pickup (works within 15 meters).

Aim Key | Selecting a key for the aimbot to work


Head - head.

Neck - neck.

Chest - chest.

Stomach - belly.

Only Visible - Aim works only on visible enemies

Aim Marker - draws a marker where the aimbot is shooting


Show circle | Displays the FOV radius as a circle.

fov radius | Adjustment of the radius of capture of opponents.

Priority: (work priority aim)

crosshair | It will aim at the one who is closer to the sight.

distance | Will aim at a nearby enemy in range.

smooth | The speed of aiming at the enemy.


Adjusting Colors for Selected Objects

Player Distance | The color of distance to enemies.

Vehicles Distance | The color of the distance to the transport.

Others Distance | Distance color to other objects.


Visible Color | Select the color of the skeleton of the visible enemy.

Hidden color | Select the color of the skeleton of an invisible enemy.

AllVehicles Color | Choice of color for all vehicles.

Att.Vehicles Color | Select the color of the transport used.

Display AND ESP in Softhub cheat for Battlefield 5

After payment, you will receive detailed instructions for activating, launching and using the program. Which will be sent to you by mail, specified before payment.

There you can also find a download link and the necessary components for the program to work.

In any game with any cheat, it is possible to get an account blocking. Play as carefully as possible.

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