Buy a working Soft HUB private cheat for Veiled Experts game

Buying a working Soft HUB private cheat for the Veiled Experts game is an excellent solution for players who want to play the game more efficiently and achieve maximum results.

A high-quality private cheat from reliable programmers is one of the main advantages of Soft HUB. Developers update and refine functions, monitor changes in the game and promptly respond to technical work and updates. Thanks to this, users can be sure that the Soft HUB works without failures and glitches.

The minimum chance of blocking is also an important advantage of this private cheat. Developers use a modern way to bypass the anti-cheat, which ensures user security and reduces the likelihood of account blocking.

Simple startup and installation is a very important aspect for many users. Soft HUB does not require special skills to read and understand the code. A separate technical support team is always ready to help in setting up the cheat and answer all your questions.


Consider the functionality of the Soft HUB private cheat for the Veiled Experts game:

- Aimbot is a feature that allows the player to shoot more accurately. It can adjust the parameters of the damage radius and priority display.

- Visual features - Soft HUB provides the player with a number of visual indicators that help to better navigate the battlefield. This can be an outline of the enemy in a square, showing the enemy's health, a line to the enemies and other functions.

- Colors - The user can customize colors for different objects on the screen. He can choose the color for visible and invisible characters, ESP information and sight.

- Radar is a feature that helps the player to quickly determine the location of objects and characters in the game. He can adjust the distance to enemies and the radar scale.


In general, buying a working Soft HUB private cheat for the Veiled Experts game is an excellent and safe solution for players of all levels. Soft HUB has reliable technical support and works with a high rate of feature updates. Using the Soft HUB can help the player achieve maximum results in the game.

System requirements of the Soft HUB private cheat for the Veiled Experts game

Works on Windows 10 (2004-22H2 build) and 11.

Processors: Intel and AMD.

For the cheat to work, you definitely need a flash drive, or use a virtual analogue of OSFMount.

The program is superimposed on top of the game client, which makes it possible to stream with cheat and bypass OBS.

You can buy a private Soft HUB cheat for the Veiled Experts game online on our website

Функционал программы

Aim Bot

  • Enable - turn on aim
  • Bone - select the bone for aim to target
  • Use mouse (legit) - aim will use the mouse for targeting
  • Fov - adjust the radius of aim's targeting
  • Smooth - adjust the speed of aim's targeting
  • Draw fov - display aim's targeting area
  • Draw priority - show where aim is targeting


  • 2D Box - Outline enemy in a square
  • Health Bar - Display enemy health bar
  • Snaplines - Show line to enemies
  • Eye Direction - Display enemy's facing direction
  • Skeleton - Display enemy's skeleton (may impact FPS)
  • Distance - Display distance to enemy


  • Players Visible - Color for visible players
  • Players Invisible - Color for invisible players
  • ESP info Colors - Color for information displayed by ESP
  • Circle Color - Color of crosshair



  • Distance - Distance to enemies displayed on radar
  • Radar Angle - Scale of the radar



  • Aimbot Key - Key to activate AIM
  • Menu Key - Key to access the menu.

After payment, you will receive detailed instructions for activating, launching and using the program. Which will be sent to you by mail, specified before payment.

There you can also find a download link and the necessary components for the program to work.


In any game with any cheat, it is possible to get an account blocking. Play as carefully as possible.

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